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At EuroTan USA, also known as Euro Tan at Fisher's Landing in Vancouver, Washington

 We have added the  

The Matrix High Pressure 

The Spray Mystic for Spray on Tanning.  

True HIGH PRESSURE tanning and the very finest in SPRAY ON TANNING.  

Once again EuroTan USA has  raised the bar of excellence for tanning salons located in the Vancouver Washington - Clark County area.  This makes for quite possibly the worlds best tanning bed and worlds best spray on tanning in one location.  Stop by for a look and we can show you why EuroTan USA is so much better. 

We make tanning Clean, Comfortable and Easy!

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"I never thought tanning would be this much fun, and I feel so relaxed"

-Bob Stevens


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Welcome to EuroTan USA-

We are the premier tanning salon in Vancouver Washington.  That sounds a bit like we are tooting our own horn but it is true.  We are in a great location in Fisher's Landing.  We have a friendly staff of people that are informed about the tanning industry and who's main goal is to assist you, our client.  Our staff can offer information to even the most experienced tanner and can help guide the newbe tanner to achieve their personal tanning goals.

Our staff can help you select the right lotion for you and the right tanning bed at the correct time setting to help you create the tan you are looking for.

Our staff and management are continually improving their education in the tanning industry and stand ready to assist you.


At EuroTan USA...

We make it clean, comfortable and easy.




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